Welcome to GREENVCi (THAILAND) Company, the manufacturer of atmospheric corrosion inhibitors and industrial detergents. With our expertise and research work in the specialized field of atmospheric corrosion and its prevention for over 20 years, we can guarantee that you will be provided with the best solutions for your corrosion problems.

Our research is not only dedicated to the innovation of corrosion inhibitors, but also centralized to the application of VCI in new fields. Our R&D and Product teams are dedicated to the customization of our products if required. We deliver on our promise to provide you with the best quality and services, because we dedicate our whole team to provide a holistic solution to your needs.

บริษัท กรีนวีซีไอ (ประเทศไทย)จำกัด
Mobile: 098-995-3600
LINE ID: @greenvci
Email: info@greenvci.co.th
Tel: 02-508-4324
Fax: 02-508-4325 

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